April 15

Real Time Phone Interviewed Leads

Calling anything “Real Time” is a bold step indeed. These days we are all used to big claims that are mostly garbage, we are all jaded by marketers trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

I understand you’re skeptical and who wouldn’t be these days.

Allow me a couple of minutes to explain why you’re going to choose and love the Phone Interviewed Real Time Live MLM Leads.

You may not know us, you may be looking at other MLM Leads companies, and so you should be. Definitely check out all the leads companies

When you check them out, do ask them these questions about their Phone Interviewed Leads:

Do humans call the leads for the phone interview? (most companies use robots which is garbage)

Do they record the calls? (They do not) We do and recordings are available on request

Will they show you the script they use to interview the leads (No they won’t) Our script is on this page, just below here

As you would imagine these three points make a huge difference to the quality of the lead.

Just imagine, how much better the quality is when a real human calls the prospect and has a normal, natural conversation. It’s got to be better than some bot making a call.

Our testing and feedback proves overwhelmingly those leads are miles ahead of everyone else's, bot generated "phone interviewed leads".

OK, let’s address the issue of price. Sure the Real Time Phone Interviewed leads are a higher investment than our competitors crappy bot generated leads.

There is an obvious reason for that. Our Real Time leads are actually called and interviewed by real people. Those people do not work for free. 

If you want to risk wasting your money on poor quality leads who often are underage, don’t speak english and have no idea why you’re calling then sure; those bot leads are perfect for you.

On the other hand, if you’re a serious business builder who understand the correct tools for the correct job save you time and money in the long run, then keep reading.

Apache Leads uses its own call center to interview every Phone interviewed Lead. They even record every call.

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